How to extract Report Analytics?

A wide range of detailed and distinctive reports related to delivery and dispatch can be extracted from this panel.

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Delivery Report

The Delivery Report provides insights into the overall delivery tasks with their waypoints, duration, delivery status, proof of delivery, etc. The data can be pulled out for the desired date and time range and can be exported and produced as a printed document.

Delivery Visit Point Report

Delivery Visit Point Report provides segregated data regarding pickup and delivery tasks.

Daily Driver Performance Report

Daily driver performance report gives the daily statistics regarding the agents' performance that can be used as a tool to formulate incentives and allowances.

Broadcast Report

Broadcast Report records the messages sent to the agents and recipient details.

Delivery Summary Report

Delivery Summary Report lays out the overall delivery figures over a period of time.

Driver Performance Summary Report

Driver Performance Summary Report brings forth the summary of the tasks carried out by the agents.

Delivery Heat Map Distribution Report

Delivery Heat Map Distribution Report furnishes a visualization of the aggregated data of the delivery points.

Delivery Distribution Map Report

Delivery Distribution Map Report is based on the task counts and status

Daily Driver Usage Detail Report

Daily Driver Usage Detail Report provides the duty trend of the agents and can be utilized to track and monitor the attendance of the agents.