New Release- 21st April 2022

What’s new?

1. Enhanced Employee Attendance Audit Trail

The improved Employee Attendance Report now incorporates the audit trail that brings forth the entire history of the changes made in the records.

2. Advanced Search of the tasks

With the help of advanced search option, the task details within a span of 6 days could be extracted.

Step 1: Go to Task Panel 🡪 Click the dot icon 🡪Select “Advance Search” from the menu

Step 2: Enter the date and task number in the respective fields to get hold of the desired results

3. Filter in Task Panel

Now the tasks could be filtered and segregated with the advanced filter option in the task panel as depicted.

4. Improved Driver Patch

The enhanced driver patch rounds up the task summary alongside  their duty mode and connected device details

5. Customer Address Preference

The Pin Location feature can now be configured separately, thereby, which the customers would receive the SMS to pin the location for the delivery.

6. Remember Country and Region 

The new version of the country and region selection in the dispatch panel would now stay un-changed subject to browser or panel refresh.

7. The map settings as per the Portal Settings will now be applicable to all the panels that has the map layout.

8. Webhook retry mechanism implemented/improved, the system will now attempt 3 times to re-execute the webhook in case of failed response in every 1 hr.

9. Other Bug fixings

- Incorporation of task count status that extends to 4 digits in the task panel

- In the dispatch panel, order and expected time not picking as per OMS