Location intelligence for Connected fleet operations

Connect DeliverySensor monitoring

With the help of sensor technologies, fleet management and maintenance got new insights. Connect Sensors that can provide critical alerts on temperature variance, tire pressure, brakes, engine performance, and many other parameters, which helps fleet owners to make crucial decisions and improve physical operations efficiency



Connect Delivery

Fuel Management

An efficient fuel management system enables fleet managers to continuously monitor fuel usage patterns and implement targeted optimizations to improve Physical operations.

Surface insights to improve the bottom line, Automate preventative maintenance, reduce downtime, identify fuel waste, and right-size your fleet with utilization data.


Connect Delivery

Real-time location & GPS

Fleetroot advanced location services ensure increased visibility across the fleets, resources, and operations helps fleet businesses unify cost, efficiency, productivity, and safety.

Real-time visibility of Location and innovative geofencing features to improve compliance monitoring and route performance to provide better service to the customers


Connect DeliveryAutomated workflows, Customizable Alerts

Having first-hand information about mobile assets/resources/sensors through intelligent and customizable alerts via SMS/Email/Mobile- notifications helps businesses be proactive in any critical situation.

Streamline field operations challenges with simplified reporting and administrative tools, thus increasing the productivity of fleet operations.


Connect Delivery

Driver Behavior

Improving driving behavior to increase the safety of resources and improving compliance withreal-time driver behavior analysis and violation notifications.

Eco-driving analytics Driver scoreboard Route Deviation alerts Improve safety Save on fuel.




for more details: https://fleetroot.com/connected-operation