Fleetroot FMS (Fleet Management System) API Documentation


  • The fleetroot API is a RESTful web service for developers to programmatically interact with fleetroot’s data and real-time delivery management functionality.

  • Data exchanged between clients and the API is JSON over HTTPS in Production and HTTP in Demo.

  • The base URL for the Fleetroot API Production - https://trackapi.fleetroot.com and Demo - http://demoapi.fleetroot.com , all the requests on this url use post method and we need to add the specific end points mentioned below to this URL.

  • All sample requests in this documentation are formatted for cURL.

  • API key is mandatory in all the API's request.

  • All parameters marked with * are mandatory otherwise optional.

  • If you have questions about using the API, want to share some feedback, or have come across a bug you'd like to report, write us an email at info@fleetroot.com .

  • Fleetroot API uses key based authentication method. You can get a key from Portal Settings(Login>Menu>Settings>API Keys) in your fleetroot account. Or click here to get API key. (Click here to see how to generate API Key: https://knowledge.fleetroot.com/knowledge/generate-api-key)

Click below link for API Documentation: