Optimizing and digitizing mobility operations

Connect DeliveryDigitize Rental Operations

Highly scalable tech stack for rental business with the tools, software, and expertise to meet the changing needs of modern consumers. Subscription-based software to enable mobility rental operators to digitally transform business models to maximize resources

Digitize the customer onboarding experience Expand revenue opportunities Automate time-consuming tasks like billing and invoicing Create customer experience with an E-commerce store and logistics visibility


Connect DeliveryLong Term Subscriptions

Invest in growing your subscription service with the tools to maximize the revenue potential of your resources and giving freedom and flexibility to your customers

Mobility software with comprehensive management and administration tools to handle all the details of your subscription service, including invoicing and payments, you can focus all your attention on marketing, advertising, and customer relations.

Build your new car subscription service into a valuable, revenue-generating model of your business.


Connect Delivery

Automated Toll & Traffic Fines

Fleetroot toll & Traffic fine management service automates the process of tracking tolls, fines, associating vehicles, and charging customers for toll & fine usage.

Intelligent notifications Instant payment recovery Toll Usage analytics


Connect Delivery

Simple Billing & Finance

Get maximum value from your resources by automating billing & invoicing and managing subscriptions.

A unified tool to automate billing, digital signature, payments, mortgage management, intelligent credit control, 3rd party integrations, and connected fleet management and maintenance


Customer Delight and Experience

Connect Delivery

Delight customers by giving them delivery visibility and an up-to-the-minute ETA. Engage with customers by automating delivery location capture, what's app integrations, and feedback forms

Digitize fleet check-in and check-out, contactless signatures, and automate payments



For more details and demo: https://fleetroot.com/connected-mobility