Safer and more Sustainable Connected transport

Enabling transporters to optimize Student commute and Employee transit operations to improve ridership, fleet utilization, and passenger safety.


Connect DeliveryAutomate trips and Route Planning

Proactively improve the reliability and efficiency of transportation with intelligent route planning and optimization.

Modernize transport operations and deliver better services more efficiently. Increase real-time visibility and control over the entire fleet and trips to Provide flexible, responsive, and reliable bus services that meet students' and employees' everyday mobility needs


Connect Delivery

Attendance & Schedules

Increase passenger experience with accurate schedules and real-time ETA updates.

Automated or manual attendance management improves rider safety and compliance.



Automated workflows, Customizable AlertsConnect Delivery

Having first-hand information about mobile assets/resources/sensors through intelligent and customizable alerts via SMS/Email/Mobile- notifications helps businesses be proactive in any critical situation.

Streamline field operations challenges with simplified reporting and administrative tools, thus increasing the productivity of fleet operations.



Connect DeliveryDriver Behavior

Improve driving behavior and increase the safety of resources with real-time driver behavior analysis and violation notifications.

Eco-driving analytics Driver scoreboard Route Deviation alerts Improve safety Save on fuel.




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